Explain how to effectively use the Notifications function to send and receive communications in NEICE through transmittals and messages.


Notifications are used to help you communicate about the case with another state and internally within your state or jurisdiction. Notifications are generated when you send a transmittal or a message. There are three types of notifications that can be used in NEICE by CMS/MCMS users: 

  1. Interstate Transmittals Notifications between two states; 
  2. Intrastate Transmittal Notifications within a state; and 
  3. Message Notifications within a state. 

IMPORTANT: Only Interstate Transmittals go through the NEICE Clearinghouse and can be seen by BOTH states, no matter which system they are using. If you want another state to see information, you must send a Transmittal TO that state. (Do not CC other states, as that can flood inboxes.)


  • The “TO” field in an interstate transmittal must be addressed to an ICPC Central Office. All interstate communications in NEICE must be done via transmittals between Sending and Receiving State ICPC coordinators by listing the ICPC Central Office in the TO: field.
  • Intrastate Transmittals/Messages are internal communications between the local/County offices and the ICPC Central Office or within the local agency. These are not sent via the Clearinghouse and CANNOT be sent to other states. You can send transmittals WITHIN your state via the TO and the CC fields.

Details about Notifications

You can find Notifications in two places: on the Home Screen and on the Notifications Screen.  The most recent five notifications are displayed on the Home screen when logging into NECE and are also available on the Navigation tab on the upper horizontal menu bar under Notifications. 

You will receive an email notice when someone sends you a transmittal or message. The email will tell you to log into NEICE and view the Notification. The email will not have any private information about the case or individuals involved for security reasons.  You will need to log into NEICE in order to view the information in the Notification. 

Icons identify the Notification type:

  1. The envelope icon represents a “Transmittal” from another state.
  2. The envelope icon with a paper clip represents a “Transmittal with an Attachment” from another state.
  3. The speech bubble represents a “Message” from within your state.

Viewing and Acting on Notifications

Home Page Access and Actions

  1. Log into NEICE.
  2. If there are any notifications, the 5 most recent ones that have not yet been marked as read will be displayed.
  3. Look at the icon to identify whether the notification is a transmittal, transmittal with attachments, or a message from within your state. 
  4. If the selected Notification is for a Transmittal from another state and you are the ICPC coordinator, follow steps 5 and 6. If the selected Notification is an internal message go to the section on Exchanging Messages Within Your State below.
  5. Click on a Notification hyperlink and NEICE will display the Transmittal and open the case in the background.
  6. Read the content of the transmittal and decide whether you want to mark it as read, or simply close the notification:
  1. Select Mark as Read, and the Notification will no longer be accessible on the Notifications page.
  2. Select Close and NEICE will open the case for you in the Case review, scroll the left menu and click on the Transmittal. From here you can follow the prompts and send a New Transmittal, Create Message, take no communication action and use one of the other 3 tabs in the left menu—Case Review, Case Details, and Documents to access other case components, select Cancel which will display the Master Search screen or Close will keep the Notification in your list.

7.  Click on a Notification and NEICE will open the message for you.

8. Read the contents and decide on your next steps.

  1. Select Mark as Read, and the Notification no longer be accessible.
  2. Select Close and take no action and the message will remain on your Notifications list.
  3. Select Go-to-Case and NEICE will open the case for you.
  4. Select Create Message. See below, Exchanging Messages Within Your State.

Notifications Tab Access and Actions

  1. Log into NEICE.
  2. Select the Notifications Tab from the horizontal toolbar.
  3. The tab contains all Notifications not previously Marked as Read.
  4. Scroll the notifications list or filter using the icon in the header row of each column to find a specific Notification. Do not Search. Search will go to the Case List.
  5. Place your cursor over the specific Notification row.
  6. Proceed with one of following options.
  1. Click on the NEICE ID (hyperlink) of the case you want to view and NEICE will open the case in the Case Review tab.
  2. Click on the View icon in the Action column NEICE will display the Transmittal or message for review. Select Close to retain or Mark as Read to remove.
  3. Click on the Edit icon in the Action column and NEICE will display the Transmittal and open the case in the Transmittal tab. Select Add New Transmittal, Create Message or Cancel. Follow steps 6 through 8 above under Home page access.
  4. Click on the Forward icon In the Action column to add another ICPC Coordinator to the list of recipients for all case related Transmittals and send Notification to the user and do the following:
    1. NEICE will display the Forward Transmittal/Message window.
  1. From the Forward to dropdown list select the designated NEICE ICPC Coordinator. 
  2. Select the Forward button and NEICE will display the Success window.
  3. Click on OK.
  4. To verify that the recipient has been added: Select the username from the Notifications drop down list, click Update and NEICE will display that users Notifications list, including the shared Notification.

Exchanging Messages Within Your State

  1. Messages can be exchanged between local office and the ICPC Central Office, within a local office or within the ICPC Central Office. 
  2. A message may be sent from two places in NEICE: from the Documents Tab using the Send to Case Worker button or from the Transmittal Tab using the Create Message button.
  3. Select Create Message from one of those two places. NEICE will display the Message creation screen (Memo) with key case data pre-populated. Note: This screen can be used to create a Message internally for your agency. You can select an individual within the agency you pick.
    1. To create a Message to the ICPC Coordinators in your state ICPC Central Office, select the ICPC Central Office radio button.
    2. To create a message for your own agency, select your agency.
    3. To create a message to an agency and one or more individual, select Selected Agency/User and select the agency and the individuals.
  4. Type your message in the Message Text box.
  5. Select Send when you are finished typing the message. Your recipient will receive a notification email that they have a new message.