Use the Case List to identify cases that need attention by filtering active cases in the state by various parameters such as Regulation Type, Placement Type, Date Created, etc.



The case list provides a list of all of the state’s active cases in a table.  At the top of each column is a filter that can be used to select specific types of cases. Note, that the information in the Placement Status column in the Case List varies depending on whether your state is the Sending State or Receiving State.

Receiving State

  1. When you are the receiving state, the Placement Request Status field shows the Home Study Decision status for each child.
  2. Either the Sending or the Receiving State can change the Home Study Decision status.
  3. Once all the placement status fields for all the children in the case have been changed from pending, the case will be removed from the case list.  

Sending State

  1. The Placement Request Status field represents the HS Request Status when you are the sending state. (Pending, Returned, Withdrawn, Approved, Denied, Provisional Approval).
  2. The case remains in the case list until a sending state worker enters the Placement Made on Date indicating that the child is placed.
  3. If there are multiple children in the case, the case will be displayed until the placement made on date has been entered for all of the children in the case.

Additional Notes

  1. Note: the Placement Request Status field is not the same as the overall Case Status field. The Case Status field shows whether the case is pending, active or closed. 
  2. The Case Status field can be found on the Case Review tab and is displayed in the header on all tabs in NEICE. If the Case Status field is “Closed”, the case will be removed from the Case List, however, the information remains in the NEICE system.
  3. To close a case, the user must ensure that none of the home study request statuses for the children are still pending. All the home study decisions must be resolved before you can close a case. You can tell this by looking at the Placement Request Status field. If anything says pending, the overall case cannot be closed.

Steps to Access and Use the Case List

  1. Login to NEICE
  2. Select Case List from the horizontal Toolbar

  1. The Case List provides a list of all active cases.

  1. Each column can be filtered. For example, if you are the sending state you can select your state from the Send State filter drop down and view all the cases sent out. You can refine the filter by any of the other columns. For example, select a specific state from the Recv column filter and/or set parameters in Date Case Created filter and only the cases sent to a specific state in the given time period will be viewed. Conversely, select your state from the Recv column and view only the cases the state has received, etc.
  1. Tips
  • Be sure to clear filters before moving from one task to the next.
  • Scroll or filter to find a specific case. By clicking on the filter icon you can refine the case list to find a specific group or case.
  • Clicking on the NEICE ID hyperlink in the results will take you to the Case Review Tab. 
  • The Search field in the upper right is the Search Master and will provide the chart of information about a specific child to enable opening the case.