Provide best practice steps for quick and easy building of an ICPC case in NEICE.


Many ICPC cases have more than one child for a placement resource and require the attachment of many documents. Before creating a case, best practice is to do all the following:

  • Prepare all documents.
  • Create all children.
  • Create the placement resource.

If you do this, you will then be able to easily build the case around the Primary Child (oldest is standard) and the other children, and add required documents from within the case.

Prepare documents for upload later

  1. Case documents need to be in one of the following electronic formats—jpg/jpeg/png/doc/docx/pdf.
  2. Documents can be grouped and uploaded as a single pdf or uploaded and designated as individual documents depending on state preference.Some states prefer a large file with a collection of documents, which is easier than opening a dozen separate documents. When grouping and uploading documents remember that the document can be associated in two ways:
    1. Documents related to the entire case could be uploaded with no child name selected.
    2. Documents applicable to the individual child in the case should be uploaded and the specific child name selected in the Name field to attach it to the individual child. Examples of uploads applicable to an individual child would be medical records and pictures.

3. The 100A should be separate for ease of access. Some states create a document with the title “Initial Home Study Request Packet Part01” and include the 100A in the packet. NEICE requires that the 100A be included in the initial request Transmittal and recognizes this packet.

4. The 100A can be created and signed electronically in NEICE (see Documents). 

5. The fully electronic 100A and 100B are included within NEICE under the Documents tab found in the left sidebar menu within the case. An original paper 100A from a local or county office not in NEICE needs to be signed by the ICPC Coordinator, scanned to PDF and uploaded using the Save and Upload button for 100A. For more details go to Add New Case Documents.

Create all children using Manage/Child

  1. To be included in a NEICE case children do not have to be related, but must have same Regulation Type, Placement Type, and Placement Resource.
  2. For steps to create a child record go to Create and Manage Child.

Create the Placement Resource

  1. Only one Placement Resource can be attached to a NEICE case.(Note: NEICE does not allow different placement resources for children within a case. If more than one resource is being explored for concurrent planning a different case must be created for that child or children.)
  2. For steps to create a Placement Resource go to Manage Placement Resource.