Create and modify a placement resource and allow those with the authority to do so to delete a placement resource.


To consider a potential placement for a child(ren), case workers will need to create and manage placement resources, which provide the detailed information about the potential placement. Use the Manage menu to add and/or modify Placement Resource information as described below.


Steps to manage a placement resource

Add or Modify a Placement Resource

  1. Select Placement Resourcesunder Manage on the horizontal toolbar.
  2. Enter Placement Resource Type: Organization or Individual Name, and/or select a State.
  3. Search to determine whether the Placement Resource exists.
  4. If potential matches are displayed, scroll down the list and if there is a match, go to Step 5. If there are no matches, proceed with a through e.
  1. Select the Add New button.
  2. Select the Placement Resource Type—Organization or Individual.
  3. Enter the information based on the type of Placement Resource selected.
  4. Enter the primary caregiver in the Placement Resource Detail fields and complete the Other individuals living with the Primary Resource fields for all other persons living in the household. Each added member should be designated as a caretaker or a household member.
  5. After all the members have been added, Select the Save button.
  6. Review the new Placement Resource.

5.  If the Placement Resource exists:

  1. Select the edit icon in the action column.
  2. Make the necessary changes and/or add new Members.
  3. Select the Save button.

Modifications to Placement Resource information will only be reflected when the Placement Resource is used in the future. If already used in a case, that information will not be updated automatically. The sending state should advise the receiving state of any changes to the Placement Resource. Receiving state should review the resource under Manage/Placement Resource prior to completing study to ensure all changes are reflected in the final home study and decision.

Delete Existing Placement Resource

  1. Select Placement Resources from the dropdown under Manage on the menu bar.
  2. Enter a Resource ID, Organization/Individual Name, and/or select a State and select the Search.
  1. When the Placement Resource list is displayed, scroll down the list displayed, select the Resource to be deleted, and select the Delete icon.
  2. Note:
  • Only an ICPC Coordinator with Delete Authority can delete a Placement Resource.
  • A Placement Resource cannot be deleted if it has been used in a case.