Create (or Add) a new ICPC Case in NEICE CMS/MCMS that includes all children for a placement resource.


This job aid describes the steps for creating a new case in NEICE CMS/MCMS. Many ICPC cases have more than one child involved in a potential placement resource; which requires the attachment of many documents. Before you “add” or “create” a case in NEICE, we recommend first preparing all scanned documents, and creating all children AND the placement resource. Then, you can: 

  1. Create the case centered around the Primary Child (oldest is standard), 
  2. Identify the placement resource being considered for the child, 
  3. Add any other children, and finally, 
  4. Upload the required documents.


Steps to Add New NEICE Case based on Primary (Oldest) Child

  1. Select Add New Case from far left on the horizontal menu bar.
  2. Search for Primary Child (oldest child is standard) to avoid creating duplicate children.
  3. If search does not return the correct matching child, the message displayed is Record Not Found:
    1. If there is only one child in the case select Add New Child and go to Step 5.
    2. If there is more than one child in the case go back to Manage/Child and enter the data for each child that should be in the case.
  4. If the search returns the correct child, select the radio button next to the child and select Open Child. Select Add New Case and go to Step 6.
  5. Select Add Child & Create Caseto save the child data entered.
  6. Select your state’s role for a new child: Sending State meaning that the child belongs to your state.
  7. NEICE will display the Case Review tab in the left menu bar. Data about you and your organization will be pre-populated. Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk. Enter required fields and other data to complete this tab. Enter Notes related to this case.
  1. Select Home Study Type for the Home Study Request.
  2. Enter Receiving State and County.
  3. Select Placement Resource from drop down list.
  4. Select Placement Type matching the Reg. Type.

8. There are three buttons at the bottom of the tab.

  1. Save – NEICE validates your input, saves the data, and keeps you on that tab to add a Child.
  2. Save and Continue – NEICE validates your input, saves the data, and takes you to the Case Details tab.
  3. Cancel – NEICE removes all new data added to this tab but retains the child.

9. If there are more children in this case, select Save, then Add another child to case. Search for and add the other children for whom data was entered previously.

10. When all information is completed and all children are added, select Save & Continue to go to the Case Details tab.

11. NEICE will generate a NEICE Case ID and create the case.