Add required details to each child in the case.


After the case has been created and all children have been added to a case, you will add the case details.


Steps for Case Details

  1. After the Case is created, NEICE will display the Case Details Tab. If you have logged out you can access the case from the Case List and click on the NEICE ID or the Master Search and clink on the Case # which is the same as the NEICE ID [learn about NEICE IDs here] and select the Case Details Tab from the left menu.
  2. Be sure you are on the Case Details Tab with two required fields for each child: Legal Status and Relationship.
  1. Select the Relationship between the placement resource and the child from the drop-down list. For this required field, NEICE will verify that the Relationship is appropriate to the Placement Type selected on the Case Review tab.
  2. Select the Legal Status for each child in the case.
  1. If a Court Order is included in the case, enter the Court Order Details.
  2. Review the area called Home Study and Placement Information. Do not enter information at this time. Some of these fields will be auto populated by NEICE and some data will be entered manually as the case progresses.
  3. Select the Save & Continue button and NEICE will display the Documents tab.

The next step is the Add New Case – Documents.