Demonstrate how ICPC local office Sending State worker can send a new case to their state’s designated ICPC Coordinator.


When the case has been created and 100A and other initial case documents have been uploaded to the NEICE, you are ready to send the case to your state ICPC Coordinator so that they can review and send to the receiving state. Note, this process is different in decentralized states.


Steps for Sending New Case from local office to Sending State's Central Office 

  1. If the case is not already opened, it must be opened in the Documents tab. To do this, select the identified case from Case List dropdown from the upper horizontal toolbar or select it from the list generated by the Master Search. Either way when the child is selected, the case will open in the Case Review. Select Documents from the left menu.
  2. On Documents tab, a chart with a list of the children and documents attached will be displayed. Select Transmit to Sending State ICPC Coordinator.
  3. The message screen will display. Complete the form and enter the message in the Message Text field. (Use these links for more information about using the NEICE to communicate within the stateand receive and send interstate transmittals.)
  4. Select the Send button.
  5. The message will be recorded in the case and be delivered electronically to the ICPC Coordinator for review and to send to the Receiving state.
  6. An email and a NEICE Notification will also be sent to the selected recipients letting them know that a new case has been created and sent to the ICPC Coordinator. A Notification will be added to your list as well. [Learn about NEICE Notifications here].
  7. You will receive an email notification that the Message was sent.
  8. The ICPC Coordinator will provide further information to the local office caseworker and send the case to the Receiving State.