Demonstrate how the receiving state ICPC Coordinator signs the 100A and transmits the Home Study Decision to the Sending State Coordinator via a NEICE Transmittal.



When the Receiving State has completed the Home Study and made a decision (either Placement may be made, or Placement shall not be made), the 100A Completed is transmitted to the Sending State.  The 100A initial must be signed by the state ICPC Coordinator. How the ICPC Coordinator completes and transmits the 100A in NEICE depends on whether the 100A was created within NEICE electronically or created on paper, signed manually and scanned into NEICE.

Sending the Home Study Decision via a Transmittal

  1. Select the Active case by logging into NEICE, selecting Case List from the upper horizontal menu and clicking on the NEICE ID or Case #. [Learn more about NEICE IDs here].
  2. Make sure the following documents are listed in the table: Home Study Completed by the Receiving State Local Agency;  the Placement Decision and the 100A. This means they have been uploaded. They are required for sending the home study decision.
  3. Select the Documents tab from the menu on the left of the screen.
  4. A chart with the list of documents attached to in the case will be displayed.
  5. If the initial 100A was created fully electronically in NEICE proceed with steps a through f. If the initial 100A was created manually and scanned into NEICE, go to step 6.
  1. Open the 100A Initial, using the View icon in the Action column.
  2. When NEICE asks, “Add Signature”, select Yes to countersign the 100A by adding your electronic signature.
  3. NEICE will then ask, “Save your Signature?”. Select Save and NEICE will insert your digital signature, your name and the current date.
  4. If not already filled in, NEICE automatically populates the Placement Decision on the Case Details tab as “Approved” or “Denied” respectively.
  5. NEICE will automatically change the Document Type to 100A – Completed
  6. Select Transmit to the Sending State ICPC Coordinator to create a Transmittal with the 100A – Completed enclosed to the Sending state

6.  When the 100A-Initial was signed manually and uploaded into NEICE

  1. Using the download icon in the Action column, download and print a copy of the 100A – Initial.
  2. Sign, scan and save the printed 100A for upload.
  3. Go to the Documents Tab for the case. (If you have closed the case follow steps 1 and 2 above).
  4. Select the View icon in the Action Column next to the 100A - Initial.
  5. Enter the data that includes the Home Study decision.
  6. Select the Save & Upload button.
  7. NEICE will display the Document Upload window with the Child Name and Document Type filled.
  8. Browse for and select the signed and scanned 100 A.
  9. Select the Save button.
  10. NEICE will automatically change the document type to 100A - Completed.
  11. Select Transmit to Sending State ICPC Coordinator to create a Transmittal with the signed, scanned, and uploaded 100A – Completed enclosed.