Demonstrate how ICPC Coordinators and State Administrators can run and use reports related to cases and performance.


ICPC coordinators and administrators have a Reports navigation button in the upper horizontal tool bar. The navigation function provides users in these roles with the access to built in reports in NEICE. These reports provide information only for the user’s state.

Using the NEICE Report Functions

Generate a NEICE Report

  1. Log into NEICE as an ICPC coordinator or administrator.
  2. From any screen select Reports from the upper horizontal Tool Bar.
  3. Select the specific Report from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter search parameters ensuring that all required parameters, marked with *are included. See a typical report screen below:

  1. Select the Run Reportbutton.
  2. Wait for NEICE to calculate the report and display results.

Other Report Actions

  1. Select Print from the report screen
  1. The report will open in a new window with the following icons in the upper left corner
  2. To print, click on the printer icon and follow your browser’s print process

Note: In this window with the down arrow, the report can be downloaded to your PC and saved to your computer. 

  1. All NEICE reports have a control bar at the top to help users navigate the report.
  1. Each Report can be searched by text, numeric, or dates formatted as MM/DD/YYYY. When a match is identified, select Next to see additional matches.
  2. When the report results contain multiple pages, you can move from page to page or from first to last, using the arrows on the report toolbar.
  3. The left facing arrow will return you to the original report in NEICE from the Excel, Word, or PDF version.
  4. The report can be downloaded into a new file in three different applications: Excel, Word and PDF.
  1. On the control bar above the report contents, there is a very small blue floppy disc icon that has a green arrow coming out of it. When selected that icon it provides the options to exports in one of three formats—Excel, PDF or Word.
  2. The file in the select application will pop up in the lower left corner of the screen. (Note: Make sure all pop-up blockers are off.)
  3. Go to the file, open and work in the selected application.All the functionality of the application will be available.
  4. Save the file to your computer.