Show Sending State ICPC Coordinators how to change jurisdiction for child(ren) currently in their jurisdiction.


Only the Sending State ICPC Coordinator can change Jurisdiction and he or he can only do that for children currently in his/her state's jurisdiction. The main reason to change Jurisdiction is when child(ren) move to another state and that state accepts placement and responsibility.

Steps to Change a Child’s Jurisdiction 

  1. Select Manage on the horizontal toolbar.
  2. Select Child from the dropdown list.
  3. Enter data in one or more of search field and select the Search button.
  4. If the child does not exist, there is no Jurisdiction to change. If there is a match, select the child to modify and select the OK button.
  5. Select the Change Jurisdiction button.
  6. NEICE will ask that the child’s record be closed prior to changing the jurisdiction. 
  7. Send a 100B to the other state for: Change Jurisdiction and Close the child record.
  8. Select the Change Jurisdiction on the Child Demographic screen. [This is done after the 100B is attached.]
  9. Enter State*which is mandatory.
  10. Enter County which is optional.
  11. Select Save
  12. NEICE will display the updated State and County.