Allow a Placement Resource to be studied concurrently as two placements types for the same child or children, by creating a new case quickly with minimum data entry. The original case will remain active so both requests can be processed concurrently.


Convert case allows more than one case planning goal to be pursued concurrently for child(ren) with the same placement resource. For example, a case starting out as a Regulation 2 Relative Foster Care resource can be converted to qualify for Adoption if the child becomes available.

Only the sending state ICPC Coordinator can covert a case. When the case is accessed in edit mode,

the system functions to enable a case to be converted will display on the Coordinator’s screen. The applicable Convert Case button will not be visible or available to other users.

Steps to Convert a Case to Allow for Two Placement Types with One Resource

  1. The sending state ICPC Coordinator must access the case in edit mode, as follows:
  1. If there is a Notification for the case or the case is readily available on the Case List opening screen, click on the NEICE ID # hyperlink to select the case.
  2. If the case is not readily available on these opening screens conduct a master search using the search field in the upper horizontal menu Bar and click on the Case# hyperlink. (Do not use the Name or Source as these will open the Enter child data screen). In Search results the NEICE ID is called Case #.

2.  From the NEICE ID # or Case # hyperlink the case will display the Case Review screen. Scroll down and the Convert Casebutton will be at the 

    bottom of the screen. Note: There 4 tabs—Case Review, Case Details, Documents and Transmittals—in the left menu. The Convert Case button will 

    be at the bottom of each.

3.  Select the Convert Casebutton.

4.  The Convert Case window will be displayed requesting the following new case details:

  1. Home Study Type
  2. Placement Type
  3. Received Date

5.  NEICE will present all documents available for uploading to new case (default is All).

6.  Select or un-select documents to upload to the new case.

7.  Select Convert Case.

8.  NEICE will provide positive feedback including the new NEICE ID and a request to create a new 100A for the new case.

9.  Create a new 100A.

10. Send the new Initial Transmittal with the new 100A to the Receiving State.