In addition to the live webinar offered by our technical vendor when a state onboard to NEICE, all users on NEICE must review the training videos, either via YouTube or the E-Learning Course, to learn how to use NEICE. You can also review these videos as needed to refresh your memory on how to complete different tasks.

Note: Some state employees are not allowed to view YouTube. We've created an online E-Learning site for you to view the videos. Please learn more here.

Training Videos Available on YouTube

Class # 101– for case workers and ICPC Coordinators – If your NEICE user role is “Case Worker” in the NEICE electronic case management system (CMS), this is the only class you will need. It has two parts. 

There is a written Training Guide for Class 101 which you can download at the bottom of this job aid.

Class #102 – for ICPC Specialists only – If your NEICE user role is “ICPC Coordinator” in the NEICE electronic case management system (or CMS), you will also need to watch these videos to learn how to send, receive and manage cases and children.


This Table of Contents maps the various NEICE tasks to the appropriate video.

NEICE Class #101 for Caseworkers and ICPC Coordinators - Part 1

Part 2

NEICE Class #102 for ICPC Coordinators/Specialists