Introduction to E-Learning on Talent LMS site


Describe how to use the NEICE E-Learning site for states that choose to use this method for reviewing the training videos.


In addition to the live webinar offered by our technical vendor when a state onboards to NEICE, all users on NEICE must review the training videos, either via the NEICE E-Learning Course or YouTube, to learn how to use NEICE.  

Some states require their users use the NEICE E-Learning site. The NEICE E-learning courses can be taken at your own pace whenever is convenient for you. Caseworkers need only take Course 1, while ICPC Coordinators will need to take Courses 1 & 2. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course you finish. States can enroll new employees in the online E-learning at any time.  Alternatively, all the videos contained in the E-learning module are also available on the NEICE YouTube channel, which does not require registration to view. You can find a list of the videos here.

Where do I access the NEICE E-learning site?

Your state Admin or NEICE lead will create an individual account for you in NEICE Talent LMS, and will also create a password.  He/She will provide you with a url for your state's E-learning area. Each state has their own section and users are registered into that section.


For example, New York's site is here: Only New York staff can log into the New York section. Unless from New York, you will not use that section.

How to log into the E-Learning Courses 

Step 1: Please go to the web url you were provided. 

Step 2: Log in with your user id and password.  Your id is typically your email address. 

Step 3: Next, select your course, watch the videos, and take the quiz at the end of each class.*

Step 4: Once you’ve finished taking the course, the system should generate a certificate of completion to you.

*If you don’t see the course listed right on your home screen when you login, please try a different web browser. It tends to work best with Chrome.

How long does it take to complete the course?

It takes about 30-45 minutes to complete the NEICE 101 Training for Caseworkers, and about the same for the NEICE 102 Training for ICPC Coordinators.

Written Training Guide

There is a written training guide for the NEICE 101 course. It’s available in the file section of your training area, but is also attached here for your convenience. The guide is intended to be used for taking notes as a you follow along the videos, and it highlights key points and reminders for each class.

How long do I have to complete the E-Training?

We understand you may need to complete parts of the training over the course of a day or two, given your workloads. We recommend you complete the course within a week of beginning the course to maximize effectiveness of the training. 

How does the system track my progress?

Please make sure you log in each time you return to the E-learning site to ensure your progress is tracked. At the end of the NEICE E-training, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion. Your state administrator can also see your overall progress, whether you've logged in, and when you've completed a course. Each user is registered in E-Learning for at least a month.  You may need to reactivate your account if you are unable to complete the training during that time.

Reminder: You must log in before you take the course in order for the system to track your progress. If you stop the training midway through, you can come back to it later, but be sure to log in again so that your progress is tracked.

What's the difference between the NEICE E-learning site on Talent LMS and the NEICE Practice or Test area?

As noted above, each state has their own E-learning area on Talent LMS. In addition, you will need to practice what you are learning in your state's NEICE test environment.  When your state administrator enrolls you in the E-learning area they will also enroll you in your state's test environment.  You will have two websites, logins and passwords: one which is the e-learning course and the other which is a practice area with the NEICE application where you can create, send and process dummy cases to learn how to use NEICE.

We strongly encourage all users to practice sending cases in your NEICE test environment. Workers who take the time to practice (in addition to the e-learning course) will be most successful in NEICE.