The NEICE team has developed a new functionality to assist NEICE-Participating M/CMS states  in sending documents to and receiving documents from the NEICE states not yet live on NEICE but with signed MOUs in order to reduce the growing legacy case challenge. 


Functionally, the NEICE Document Delivery Portal will do two things:

  • Allow our NEICE M/CMS partners to send and receive documents from the states who have committed to participating in the NEICE by signing the MOU.  
  • Similarly, it will allow the states committed to NEICE (by signing the MOU) to send and receive documents securely to the M/CMS states 


Use of this functionality does NOT meet the requirements of the Family First Act of 2018 to use an electronic case processing system for ICPC cases by 2027. This functionality is not available for states without a current signed NEICE MOU.

The slide deck from the training presentation is attached. We will add the link to the training video later. 

Please share with us the email addresses to which we should send email notifications from the portal here.

Training Webinar