Please note the Assignment Coordinator NEICE role is a SUB-ROLE to either an ICPC Coordinator or Caseworker NEICE role. Prior to taking this course for the Assignment Coordinator Sub-Role, the courses for either the ICPC Coordinator or Caseworker roles must be completed. 

Click here for NEICE Training: Three Steps to Take Before Using NEICE System

Click here for Caseworker Training

Click here for ICPC Coordinator Training 

This area contains the link to the required eLearning course the Assignment Coordinator Sub-Role must complete before using the NEICE system.

NEICE Assignment Coordinator Sub-Role (About 15-20 minutes)

IMPORTANT: At the end of each course, you need to complete the Form to receive your Certificate of Completion. You need 4 certificates to be fully trained in NEICE 2.0 with either the ICPC Coordinator + Assignment Coordinator Role OR the Caseworker + Assignment Coordinator role.

Please refer to NEICE Training: Three Steps to Take Before Using the NEICE System for all recommended training resources.