NEICE 2.0 Rollout begins Monday, May 17. 


As a reminder, we are transitioning ALL CMS/MCMS states to NEICE 2.0 on July 6. NEICE Clearinghouse Direct (NCH) states have a year from July 6 to transition to the new system. This rest of this note pertains to the Rollout of the eLearning and test environments for the CMS/MCMS states.


How will we share information with you? 

We will send information about the CMS/MCMS Rollout to the state Admin names and emails that you provided to us. States are responsible for developing and communicating your state’s rollout plan to your users. There are a few states which have not yet sent us their key contacts, and we ask that you do so at your earliest convenience. 


  1. What are the steps for onboarding? There are three key steps to success:

1) eLearning – Each user must take 3 courses (about 1.5 hours) which will give your users all they need to get started in NEICE 2.0

2) Practice in UAT environment. Each user should exchange cases with other states (or between caseworkers and the ICPC Coordinators). They should try to practice a case from start to finish. 

3) QA Webinar - After completing eLearning and Practice, users can come to a QA webinar with Dr. Tom Livoti of Tetrus. These webinars are specific to the roles in NEICE, and users can ask any questions that have come up.



When will we receive the eLearning courses? Two of these courses will be available Monday, May 17 as part of the eLearning kickoff. The detailed user courses will be available Friday, May 22.

  1. Where is the eLearning and how do we login? We are using a new eLearning system (on Your users will NOT need a password to access the courses, just the link we send you. You will NOT need to use TALENTLMS for NEICE 2.0. You can always access the eLearning from the NEICE Support Desk portal at This will be available on Monday, May 17 and will be sent to the state admins.
  2. How will we know who has completed the courses? Each user will fill a form out at the end of each course, and will receive an email with a certificate of completion.  Also, the NEICE team will have access to a master google doc that tracks all the completions by state. We can provide weekly updates for your state through the end of June upon request. Please contact Bertha Levin if you’d like these.


UAT (Test or Practice environment)

  1. How/When do we set up the new UAT? 
    • CMS: Tetrus will set up the new UAT for the CMS users and it will be available Monday, May 17.  We will circulate the new url on Monday to the CMS state admins. 
    • MCMS: Tetrus will work with the MCMS states to install the new UAT for the MCMS states, you will each have your own test environment, as you do now. Your state technical team will provide the state admin with your state’s test url. Tetrus will soon be in touch with your technical team, if they haven’t already, to schedule your installation in the next two weeks.
  1. How do we register/transfer all our users in the new test and live systems? 
    • CMS: The NEICE team at Tetrus will be transferring all the CMS users from NEICE 1.0 to the UAT test environment for you. We will also work with the MCMS states to transfer the MCMS users from NEICE 1.0 to the UAT environment for you. The new password default for all users transferred over will be Welcome@123, which they can then reset. In July, we will do the same transfer from the live NEICE 1.0 to the new live NEICE 2.0 system for you.
    • MCMS: Tetrus will support you in transferring your users over to the NEICE 2.0 UAT, once you’ve set it up. This will occur during or after your installation session with Tetrus. 


Q&A Webinars

  1. What is the difference between the eLearning and the Q&A Webinar? The eLearning will introduce you to all the basic steps you need to know in NEICE to send and receive a case. The Q&A webinar will be for users to bring their questions about additional functionality in NEICE. Users should only attend Q&A AFTER they finish the eLearning and practice in UAT.
  2. What’s the schedule for Q&A Webinars? Administrators will begin their sessions the week of May 24, the state liaisons will be trained May 27, ICPC Coordinators the first week of June, and the caseworkers (if your state has caseworkers in NEICE), the week of June 7 through the end of June. The schedule is below with the registration links.