Dear ICPC coordinators,


As you may have heard, the Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children is rolling out an update to their data exchange system. NEICE 2.0 is going live on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. While the Case Management System is similar to NEICE 1.0, you will notice some new features, a different color scheme and improved layout.  


We will be following a 3-step plan (Train, Practice and Ask Questions!) to ensure a successful transition to NEICE 2.0: 


  1. Train (eLearning). All users must complete the e-Learning courses, which you can do at your own pace. 
    • There are three courses: NEICE 2.0 Overview; NEICE Security and a course specific to your role.  
    • The eLearning link will be emailed May 17.


  1. Practice. All users should practice in UAT or the practice environment (The new NEICE UAT link will be emailed by May 17)
    1. Practice Sending a Case to another state.
    2. Practice Receiving a Case from another state.


  1. Ask Questions (Q&A Webinar). All users are invited to attend a live Q&A webinar--after you have taken the eLearning courses and practiced in the UAT environment.  Bring your questions to the Q&A session. Please pre-register for the Q&A session as space is limited (links below).


In addition to the eLearning courses, practice time in the UAT environment and the Q&A Webinar, you will have access to online job aids to help you navigate the system. Most states have designated a NEICE 2.0 Rollout Liaison to help your state users with any questions about NEICE 2.0. Our state’s liaison is: ______________.


Thanks in advance for your partnership in ensuring you have completed the necessary training. We look forward to helping you transition to NEICE 2.0 successfully.






ICPC Coordinator QA Webinar

Please choose one session and register ahead of time.


June 1


2-4 pm ET


June 2


10-12 pm ET


June 3


2-4 pm ET


June 4


10-12 pm ET


June 8


10-12 pm ET