Published July 8, 2021

We are creating a log of FAQ about NEICE 2.0 as well as Issues that require a temporary workaround. We will update this page on a daily basis until we all adjust to NEICE 2.0. Again, thanks for your patience and support. The team is working hard to address issues as they arise, and we are committed to getting you back up to 100% or better as soon as we can. 


Question CategoryQuestionSolution
LoginI am getting an error that I'm an invalid user or password problem; what do I do?This typically occurs when your email isn't logged as a user in NEICE 2.0. Please contact your state Administrator to add you to the system and reset your password.

If this doesn't help, the Support team at NEICE can step in to try to problem-solve with you.
TransmittalsI am unable to send my transmittal with the 100A or 100B. They don't appear as available documents when I go to Enclose them on my transmittal. What do I do?Please be sure the 100A or 100B (or any documents) are ATTACHED to the Case in the Documents tab.

ICPC Coordinators have the ability to upload and attach documents. (Caseworkers can upload.)
100BsI can't send a 100B on a case; why not?Please check to see if the case has a 100a Placement Decision (Homestudy decision). This is required in NEICE 2.0.

Where do I enter information for 100BPlease go to the Children in Case tab and select the 100B button.
Search for My CasesWhere do I find cases only assigned to me?
From the left-hand navigation list, you will select "My Cases." This will show only the cases assigned to you. 
Search for a ChildHow do I locate a specific child?You have several ways to search for a child.

If you want to only search for the child and not the case:
Select "Child" under the Manage section on the left-hand navigation area. You can then search for the child by any of the search fields.

You can also search for a child by using the top search field and running the search.
Type in the name of the child and click the magnifying glass icon and hit enter. Your results will populate.
Search for a Case How can I search for a case?You have several ways to search for an open case. You can use the top search field. To do this, you can search by the child, a 
Upload a document
I am having an issue uploading a document. Please make sure you are using the chrome browser. Delete the cache(history) and re-login into the application, and try uploading the documents.


We've uncovered a few glitches in NEICE 2.0 that will take us a bit longer to resolve than a day. In the meantime, we've identified some workarounds you can use.

Issue CategorySpecific Challenge ReportedWorkaround SolutionLongterm solution
DocumentsUnable to open and view large documents in NEICEPlease download the document to view it locally.

Tetrus is seeking different 3rd party tools which can handle larger documents without crashing.
Spinning, NEICE unresponsiveNEICE seems frozen, can't get inPlease see above about not viewing large documents in NEICE within the next two days. Download and view as instructed above.Using a new document viewer will alleviate this problem.
TransmittalsTransmittal Failed Error

When a user tries to send a transmittal HOMESTUDYREQUEST and HOMESTUDYRESPONSE for an old NEICE 1.0 case, the transmittals are failing with an Error: Transmittal Failed.


Clicking on the error icon next to the transmittal reveals this text: 


Eror occurred validating xml schema.The element 'HomeStudyResponse' in namespace '' has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: 'NEICEChildInformation' in namespace '' as well as 'Person' in namespace '' as well as 'NEICEDocument100aSigned' in namespace ''.

This is caused because the 1.0 100A fields do not have all the required information to submit.

This is caused because the 1.0 100A fields do not have all the required information to submit.

  1. Download the 100A document that is attached to the case using the download option. 
  2. Navigate to the “Children In Case” tab and click on the Button “Homestudy Request (100A)”   or “Homestudy Decision” (based on if the error happened on a HomeStudy Request or Response Transmittal.)click
  3. Press the “Save and Upload 100A” button at the bottom of the screen to upload the same document that was downloaded in Step 1. Please ensure the GREEN box on the top right-hand corner confirms the 100A was saved successfully.
  4. Navigate back to the Transmittal Page and create a new transmittal, attach the 100A document, and press Submit to send the transmittal.,

100Bs not going throughPlacement Decision (100B Closure) is received from the other state involved in the case. Please close the case.

Case Status Error: When a user goes to close the case, the error says: Please provide approved/withdrawn home study decision and receive a 100B for closure from the other state before closing the case.

Working on a technical fix
Receiving Agency ErrorError received when working on an outgoing case.  

Receiving Agency: Required
NEICE 2.0 needs the Receiving Agency to be added in addition to Receiving State.

1. Go to the Case Details page. Scroll down to Receiving State and Go to Receiving Agency. Select the appropriate agency (often the Central ICPC Office)

This should resolve the issue.
Thanks to IL for assistance.