Best Practice - Case Creation Wizard

  1. Scan all documents to a known location accessible from within NEICE
  2. Select Add a Sending Case Wizard
  3. Create case around Primary child


Select Sending Case Wizard

  1. Select Sending Case Wizard
  2. NEICE will present the case Status bar and Child search screen
  3. Enter the Child search criteria and select Search
  4. If NEICE returns the matching child, click in the checkbox and select Open Child
  5. If NEICE does not return the matching child, select Add New Child & Create a Case
  6. Add new child data if match is found or modify existing child data
    • Demographic data
    • Child Alias data
    • Parent Information
    • Child Jurisdiction
  7. Select Save & Continue to Case Details
  8. Notice the two completed sections on the progress bar and the child identifier
    • Enter case information ensuring all required fields are completed
    • Ensure you select either Public or Private Case Type
  9. Under PLACEMENT RESOURCE & DETAILS select Search and Add a Placement Resource.
  10. Enter PR search parameters and select Search
    1. If no match is returned, select Add to create a new Organization or Individual Placement Resource
    2. If the correct match is returned, check the checkbox next to the PR ID and select Add to Case
  11. Enter the Placement Resource Relationship to Child.  If the placement resource is an organization, select the option, Non-Relative
  12. Select Create Case & Continue to 100A/100B to continue working the case in the Wizard.  At this point you can exit the Wizard and complete the case using Case Management.  To exit, select Create Case & Exit.  You may also select Save to save the data and remain in the Case Details stage
  13. Notice that the Case Status bar has three functions completed and the screen displays the 100A input screen. The NEICE Case ID has been assigned to the case you created.
  14. Review Sections I & II of the 100A input screen. Data is pre-populated.
  15. In Section II, enter the Name of Agency or  Person Responsible for Planning of Child, either an Individual or Organization.  
    1. If an Organization is responsible, start typing the Organization name and NEICE will  present the matching names for the user to select.
  16. In Section II, enter the Name of Agency or Person Financially Responsible for Child, either an Individual or Organization.
    1. If the Financially Responsible Individual is the same as Planning Responsible Individual or Organization, select the checkbox Same as Above.
    2. If there are additional children in the case, you will be given the option of copying planning and Financial parties from the primary or any other child you have added to the case
  17. In Section II, enter agency if other than a residential treatment facility where the child will reside.
  18. In section III, ensure that the type of initial study requested if this is the initial request.
  19. In Section III, select the Supervisory Services Requested and the report frequency.
  20. In Section III, enter the Supervising Agency in Receiving State if known.
  21. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select:
    1. Save 100A if you want to Save and leave the Wizard
    2. Save & Generate 100A to continue in Wizard
    3. Save 100A & Upload a scanned 100A received as a signed document
  22. NEICE will display the 100A with your Name, Signature, and current date.  Close the 100A.
  23. Select Case Documents
  24. Add documents related to the Primary Child using the Upload New Document:
    1. Select a Child Name (or leave blank to associate the document to the case)
    2. Select the Document Type
    3. Browse to file
    4. Select the file
    5. Select Save & Upload
  25. If there is another child to be included in this case, select Add Another Child to Case. If not, select Create Message
  26. NEICE displays the Message input form, enter the required data, including Agency and specific ICPC Coordinator (All is an option)
  27. Enter Comments necessary for the ICPC Coordinator to process this request.
  28. Select the documents to associate with this Message.  The ICPC Coordinator will have access to 100A and 100B, and any other documents added to the case.
  29. Select Send.