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Guide to Working with California ICPC in NEICE

Updated March 25, 2024

California has 100% of 58 counties live in NEICE

California processes different regulation types in different offices. Please follow below for correct process and for when you can use NEICE to process an ICPC Case in California, depending on the Home Study Request type.

1. CA ICPC State Central Office

•Reg 4 Incoming & Outgoing group home / residential treatment placements both public (probation

& social service) & private (parent/guardian).

•Reg 12 Adoption Services Bureau: Independent Adoptions and Agency Adoptions, send to CA Regional Offices (See bottom of next page for more information).

2. CA District Regional offices (6)

•Reg 2 Incoming & Outgoing public adoptions

1) CA Adoptions Chico Regional Office

2) CA Adoptions Monterey Park (Los Angeles) Regional Office

3) CA Adoptions Oakland Regional Office

4) CA Adoptions Sacramento Regional Office

5) CA Adoptions Arcata Regional Office

6) CA Adoptions Fresno Regional Office

Please look at the ICPC contact sheet for further detail of address and main point of contact.

3. California Counties on NEICE

NEICE can be used directly for these regulations with 49 counties that are currently on NEICE, see list on

next page.

•Reg 2 Incoming & outgoing relative, NREFM, parent, adoption, & foster family placements. 

•Reg 7 Priority Placement with parent or relative


CA Private Adoption Agencies

Reg 12 - Incoming & outgoing private adoptions

Non-Relative Extended Family Member (NREFM): The Legal Definition. A “nonrelative extended family member” is defined as an adult caregiver who has an established familial relationship with a relative of the child or a familial or mentoring relationship with the child.

California’s approval process for relatives and NREFM is now known as the Resource Family Approval Program (RFA). This new process streamlines the approval process; it includes a comprehensive psychosocial assessment, home environment check and training for all families, including relatives. For more information, reach out to your California County ICPC liaison. 

Adoptions in California: The California Department of Social Services' (CDSS) Adoptions Services Bureau (ASB) facilitates adoption of children who need permanent homes by providing direct Agency and Independent adoption services through six regional offices located throughout the State. All six offices provide Independent services and four of the offices also provide Agency services. Collectively, the six regional and field offices operate the third largest adoption agency in California.

The ASB provides Agency services for 18 counties in California - The services focus exclusively on the placement of court dependent children, the majority of whom have special needs. In an "Agency Adoption," the child is placed for adoption by the CDSS or a licensed county or private adoption agency. A birth parent's parental rights are terminated either by court action or voluntarily relinquishing their parental rights. The adoption agency is responsible for the adoptive planning of the child until the completion of the adoption.

The California Adoption Services Bureau also provides Independent services for 55 counties - Independent or private adoptions are private transactions initiated by the parties of the adoption. In an "Independent Adoption," it is the birth parent's decision and responsibility to select the adoptive parent(s) and to place the child directly with the adoptive family.

Parents who wish to place children for adoption and people who want to adopt can get information and assistance from the

CDSS and/or licensed public and private adoption agencies.

Taken from: https://cdss.ca.gov/adoptions/adoption field offices