There are three possible identifiers that can be assigned to a case:

  • NEICE Case ID – assigned by Cloud from the list of cases for all Cloud states

  • MCMS Case ID – assigned by MCMS state database from the list of cases created by that state 

  • NCH Interstate Case ID – assigned by the NEICE Clearinghouse when it processes the initial Transmittal along with the 100A-Initial

Access to ID by Platform

Each NEICE platform provides access to the following identifiers:

  • CMS states can see NEICE Case ID on each case tab

  • MCMS states can see MCMS Case ID on each case tab

  • CMS and MCMS states can see the NCH ID on the case header

Use of Identifiers

When communicating within the state, for example the ICPC Central Office sends a Message to the County Agency, the NEICE Case ID or MCMS ID would be the reference to use.

When communicating with another state, the reference to use is the NCH Interstate Case ID, since it is the only case identifier common to both states.

The NCH Interstate Case ID is searchable by CMS and MCMS states.  The format is:

XX – two random alpha characters

XXYY – two alpha characters of sending state

XXYYZZ – two alpha characters of receiving state

XXYYZZ2021 – year case was created

XXYYZZ202110 – sequence for that state and year