Purpose:  The purpose of this job aid is to provide guidance to change the child’s jurisdiction.

An ICPC coordinator should be able to change the jurisdiction of the child that belongs to the logged in user state or a non-participating state child created by the logged in user state.


  • Who – ICPC Coordinator
  • From- Manage Child
  • Displayed for Sending State Children only
  • Also, displayed for Non-Participating State 
  • Condition: All associated cases, for that child whose jurisdiction needs to be changed, should be closed. Change jurisdiction cannot be done if the child has any active cases associated.



  1. Go to the Manage Child screen
  2. Search for the child whose jurisdiction needs to be changed.
  3. Open the child by clicking on the child ID from the search results grid
  4. Select Change Jurisdiction button on the Child pop up window.
  5. Select the state and county to which the child’s jurisdiction needs to be changed.
  6. Select Save
  7. Child is updated successfully.