Describe how case workers and/or ICPC Coordinators in the Receiving State should send the Home Study Response to the Sending State

Case Worker in Receiving State sends the completed Home Study Response 


  1. Completes the home study evaluation for the child and uploads the “completed Home Study’ to the Documents Page.
  2. Sends a Message to the ICPC.

         NOTE: Receiving state case workers cannot approve/deny the decision in NEICE.
ICPC Coordinator in Receiving State sends the completed Home Study Response and Home Study Decision

The ICPC Coordinator must indicate the placement decision before creating a Home Study Response transmittal to the Sending State.  The placement decision will be sent with a placement approval indicator and the disposition text either “Approved” or “Denied.


ICPC Coordinator in Receiving State: 

  1. Receives the notification from the caseworker about the Home Study Evaluation and marks the notification as read.
  2. Receives and verifies the Home Study Evaluation received from Receiving State Case Worker.
  3. From the children in case screen, click on Home Study Decision button to approve/deny the home study.
  4. Save, sign and generate 100A Completed form or save and upload the 100A completed document.
  5. The 100 A completed will be uploaded to the Documents Page.
  6. Send a Home study response transmittal from the documents page/communication page to the sending state and include the 100A Complete