1. Select the Add Another Child button
  2. NEICE will display the Child Search screen within the Case Wizard.
  3. Enter child search data. All fields do not have to be completed. Starting with First Name and Last Name is recommended. NEICE does both an exact search and an approximate search to accommodate spelling errors. For DOB and SSN, NEICE does an exact search. If either of these are entered incorrectly, NEICE will not find the child. 
  4. If the Child is listed in the search results, select that child by selecting the check box. The child data screen will be displayed with all previous information. Modify as necessary and go to step 5. 
  5. If there are no matches and “No records found” is displayed, select Add child to the case.
  6. Add new child data (or modify existing child data if a match is found.)
    1. Demographic data
    2. Child Alias data
    3. Parent Information
    4. Child Jurisdiction
  7. Select Save
  8. NEICE will display a message “Child saved successfully”
  9. Click and continue to create a case.
  10. You can see the progress bar and the NEICE ID with the primary child information.
  11. Create 100A for the second child and send a message to the ICPC.