The Data Entry User role provides limited access to NEICE for a user who can enter new cases into the system but will not be assigned cases to work on.  

State Administrators who wish to have a staff person with this role should submit a support ticket to the NEICE team, and the user account will be created manually by the NEICE technical team. This is a new special administrative role available upon request to states needing this functionality.

Role description:

Below are the abilities of a User with Data Entry User on NEICE 2.0.  The Data Entry User creates cases at the ICPC Central Office. The user will then send a message to the ICPC Coordinators, and whichever coordinator makes the case active will be automatically assigned to the case.

For case creation, the Data Entry User follows the ICPC Coordinator Sending Case Wizard and the ICPC Coordinator Receiving Case Wizard.  No cases will be assigned to this user either automatically or by using the Access tab.

  1. A data entry user will be able to create a case.  The system will send an alert to all the ICPC coordinators in the agency that the case has been created. 
  2. The case will not be auto assigned to the data entry user who created the case. In other words, the user’s name will not be listed under the ICPC Coordinator field under “Access” tab.
  3. If the Data Entry User belongs to sending state and is creating a case, the case status will be set to “Pending”
  4. If the Data Entry User belongs to the Receiving state, the case status will be “Receiving”
  5. The data entry user will be restricted only to perform data entry operations and upload documents and will not be included in any case notifications.
  6. Data Entry User will be able to create and send messages to the State ICPC Agency or any specific user in the agency from the Case Wizard.