Release Notes: 08/23/2021

Version: 2.0.5

Below is the list of issues addressed in the build:

NEICE Clearinghouse

  • Restricting the Payload size to be less than 10 MB for MO
  • Home Study Update - Send the updated Regulation type and type of care


  • Case Banner – Collapsible
  • Clone Case
  • Case Details page – The users will be able to search for a Sacwis Placement Resource and associate to case,
  • Case Closure  
    • The users can close the case when 100BClosure is sent/received with HSDecision is Pending.
    • Updated error messages for case closure when HSDecision is denied. Case without reason for denial cannot be closed.  Please provide the reason for denial and send 100A completed message is corrected and displays below: 
      •  100A-Completed is not sent to the sending state. Please send the document and close the case.
      • 100A-Completed document does not exist. Please generate or upload 100A-Completed and close the case.
  • Notifications 
    • When the assigned worker is inactive, the notification are routed to all users in the agency or depending on the case assignment by state
    • Notifications marked as read/unread
    • Emails being sent as new case when it is follow up transmittal/message
    • Users should be able to Filter by date 
    • Export to csv
    • The email notifications are going to all users in the agency when ATTN is entered and to the sender of the message/transmittal.
  • Placement Resource Relationship to Child: Father, Mother, Parents, Step-Father, Step-Mother, Legal Mother, Legal Father are also added as the options when Foster Family Home and Adoptive Home are selected for Type of Care.
  • Reports - All reports should be able to export to csv and Print
  • Associated Case List 
    • Displaying duplicate cases
    • Clicking on the M/CMS Case ID - navigates to the Case Details page of the case.
  • Alerts - Displays all the alerts
  • Communication and Documents screen - Added a Refresh button on the Documents and Transmittal grid.
  • Unable to open messages.
  • CC Notifications: The email notifications have been updated to the new format. 
  • Intrastate transmittals - The email notifications have been updated to the new format
  • Dashboard - On clicking Active and Total case counts, displays the case list.
  • Child legal status - The updated Child legal status will be displayed in the generated 100A. 
  • SMTP configuration updated to send notifications.