Release Notes: 09/21/2021

Version: 2.0.6

Below is the list of issues addressed in the build:

NEICE Clearinghouse bridge changes to support backward compatibility

  • Placement Decision Transmittal: 
    • Sequence of the element PlacementTerminationReasonOtherText fixed
    • LegalCustodyGiventToOther code removed from 1.0 mapping
    • Removed OtherCustodyRelationshipText and OtherCustodyDescriptionText from 1.0 XML
    • Added the InitialPlacement node in Placement Termination transmittal
  • Home Study Response Transmittal - Reason for Denial is being sent in the XML
  • All Transmittals - Added default value for BinaryFormatText when missing in the transmittal attachment node

NEICE Clearinghouse

  • SDP Routing has been updated to fix the transmittals to go to SDP when the case was created before the state was onboarded in NEICE.


  • Case Banner – The Case banner is expanded by default and the users can collapse the banner as needed.
  • Case Details page – Save and Save and continue buttons will be enabled when the Placement Resource Information is updated from the Case Details page. 
  • Idle Timeout – The users will be logged out when the application is left unattended for 40 minutes and the below message is displayed.

  • Transmittal 
    • Spell check is enabled in transmittal comments
    • Attached documents will be displayed in the enclosed documents section when the ICPC coordinator attaches the documents that are uploaded by the case worker. 
  • Non-Electronic case: All transmittal types are enabled on the non-electronic case where the sending state of the case is a participating state.
  • Reports 
    • All reports should be able to export to csv and Print
  • Dashboard
    • Notifications and Alerts will be displayed in the descending order
    • Unassigned cases will be displayed in the Case Summary.
  • All Grids – Displays the records in descending order (recent on top)
  • Optimized the loading process for large number of messages and transmittals in communications tab.
  • Alerts – Safe and Timely alerts will not be sent on Closed cases. 
  • Documents – Users can upload documents with Uppercase file extension (e.g.: PDF)