There are five user roles within NEICE:

  1. State Administrator
  2. ICPC Coordinator
  3. Case Worker
  4. View Only
  5. Assignment Coordinator Sub-Role

State Administrator

Each state must have at least one State User Administrator. Depending on the size of the state, we recommend that the state identify additional backup State User Administrators. The responsibilities the State Admin are to:

  • Manage users within the state
  • Grant users access to NEICE and remove users who no longer need access  
  • Assign cases to specific agencies and individuals at those agencies.

The State Administrator is responsible for managing security for all users in the state. This is done through User Creation and User Maintenance.  The State Administrator has access to aggregate data only and does not see case data such as individual children and placement information. If a state admin also has access to NEICE as an ICPC Coordinator, they will see case-specific information appropriate for their role.

ICPC Coordinator

The ICPC Coordinator (usually at the state office level*) manages the ICPC process between your state and other states. The ICPC Coordinator uses NEICE to:

  • Create and/or process an ICPC case to request a home study in another state;
  • Receive and process ICPC home study requests from other NEICE states;
  • Manage ongoing supervision of cases and monitor timelines; 
  • Communicate with partners in other State ICPC offices and, for some states who are using NEICE beyond the central office, with your county (local) or regional agencies;
  • Approve and deny cases; and,
  • Close cases. 

Some states use NEICE in their local or county agencies. In these states, county caseworkers submit an ICPC Case for a home study request to the state ICPC office.  The ICPC Coordinator manages the NEICE case for the state and must ensure that the required data is included before transmitting the case to the Receiving State or responding to the request from a Sending State.

The ICPC Coordinator is also responsible for the ongoing monitoring of open cases to ensure the child's health and safety.   

The ICPC Coordinator is also responsible for closing cases. 


There is a sub-role for an ICPC Coordinator with the authority to delete children and cases when necessary.  The State Admin should create a limited number of users with the sub-role ICPC Coordinator – Delete.

*California and other decentralized states may have ICPC Coordinators at the county level. 


Using NEICE, the caseworker can:

  • Create a case to request an ICPC Home Study and send it to the ICPC Coordinator (who will then send it to the receiving state); 
  • Upload documents to a case; 
  • Send the case to the state ICPC Coordinator* for review, approval, and transmittal to another state; 
  • Receive home study requests from the ICPC Coordinator that were initiated in other states; 
  • Request status updates; 
  • Provide supervisory reports; and 
  • Make and send placement decisions.

* In California and other decentralized states, caseworkers may submit cases to their county or regional ICPC Coordinators, who can then transmit cases to other states.

View Only

NEICE allows a state to create users, such as judicial partners involved with cases, to view ICPC case information. These users may be attorneys, judges, or court staff. Based on this role, the user can log into NEICE to search for and view NEICE children and cases. These users cannot add, modify, or delete any information in NEICE. View-only users can only access specific children and cases they are authorized to see by the state ICPC Coordinator or a caseworker with Assignment Coordinator Sub-Role. 

Assignment Coordinator Sub-Role

NEICE ICPC Coordinators or Caseworkers with the Assignment Coordinator Sub-Role role will see this added sub-role in their Account Profile. This sub-role allows access to the case assignment functions when they are logged in. Assignment Coordinators must log in using their primary role of Caseworker or ICPC Coordinator, enabling them to perform their assignment tasks. Only users who are already either a caseworker OR an ICPC Coordinator can be given the role of Assignment Coordinator.

At the ICPC Central Office, the ICPC + Assignment Coordinator can:

  • Assign cases to a specific ICPC Coordinator who becomes responsible for the case.

  • Add agencies from that state to the case.

  • Add a View Only user to a specific case.

At the local (or county/parish) office, a Caseworker + Assignment Coordinator can:

  • Assign a case to a specific Caseworker who becomes responsible for the case.