Purpose: The Overview section of the NEICE Dashboard presents the total numbers of cases for both incoming and outgoing compliance deadlines based on the Safe & Timely Act and deadlines imposed by ICPC Regulations:


  • Due
  • Pending, and 
  • Overdue 


The user can toggle between all cases for the agency and only cases assigned to that user.


Acting on a case that is Due


For example, if today is the 50th day from receipt of a Reg 2 Home Study Request, the Home Study Response would show as Due. This means the user should act or the state will be in violation in ten days.


Process: The following process will help users find and respond to cases showing Due.


From the Dashboard:


  1. Click on the number in the Due column
  2. NEICE will display a grid of all cases that are due
  3. Review the list
  4. If you can respond to any case, click on the NEICE Case ID hyperlink and go to the case
  5. If you have a number of cases that are due, export the list to an Excel file and use that file to prioritize and address the cases



If not resolved, cases will remain due and become overdue on the 60th day. Cases will remain until the Home Study Sent on Date is entered or the request is withdrawn and the case closed.