If you create a case but stop before generating or uploading a 100A, you can always create a 100A later by following these steps. 




  1. Search for Case ID and navigate to case.
  2. Click on Children in Case Menu.
  3. Click on Homestudy Request (100A)
  4. Complete the information for the 100A. 
  5. Save Step:
    1. Save 100A if you want to Save 
    2. Save & Generate 100A will generate the 100A and attach it to the child in the case. NEICE will display the pdf for preview. You can simply close it and you will be returned to the Documents page in the case.
       Please notice you have signed the 100A-Initial automatically with your electronic signature (saved in your profile).
    3. Or Save 100A & Upload to upload a scanned 100A received as a signed document. NEICE will open up a box to select the file (pdf) you wish to upload. Navigate to where you saved the scanned 100A on your computer and upload it.
    4. After you save and upload, NEICE will return you to the documents page where you will see the 100 – Initial Attached (if you are an ICPC Coordinator) or Uploaded if you are a caseworker.