Purpose: The purpose of this Job Aid is to enable the user to Create a case based on a packet received from a Non-NEICE state as an ICPC Coordinator.


I. Add Agency:

If you receive a packet from a Non-NEICE State, log in to NEICE as the ICPC Coordinator. Identify the Originating State and Originating Agency in the ICPC Packet. Go to Manage Agencies and perform a search first to ensure that the Originating Agency has already been created and saved in your state.


If the Originating Agency was not returned in search results and “No records found” is displayed, then create the Originating Agency for this case using Manage Agency.


  1. Select Add New Agency
  2. Add agency information including the Name, Agency Type and State.  
  3. Add the county that the case is coming from.  


The user may add additional counties for this Agency.  This Agency will be saved in your state data.


II. Add Case: 

  1. Select Add a Case Wizard > Receiving from the menu.
  2. Enter Child information in the search fields and select the Search button.
  3. If the results say “No records found”, select the Add New Child & Create a Case button.  If the matching child is displayed, select the checkbox next to the Child ID and select Open Child.
  4. The Child Details screen will be displayed. 
  5. Enter available child and parent information on the Child Details Information screen.
  6. When all data is entered, select Child Alias and save any alias data entered.  
  7. Enter Parent Information and save any parent data entered.
  8. Enter Child Jurisdiction information, including: Sending State, which is required.  If known, enter Jurisdiction County and State ID.
  9. Select Save & Continue to Case Details.
  10. The Case Details screen should be displayed with some Receiving Information pre-populated.
  11. Enter the following information:
    1. Sending Agency
    2. Current Legal Status of Child.
  12. Case Type Public or Private.
  13. Select Reg. Type.
  14. Select Type of Care
    1. Enter any Subsidy
  15. At the point PLACEMENT RESOURCE & DETAILS select Search to identify Placement Resource.  
  16. Enter Search Details for a Placement Resource in your state as described in the original 100A.  If No records found is displayed, select Add and enter the data.
  17. If the correct match is displayed, select the checkbox next to the resource and select Add to Case.
  18. Scroll down and enter Placement Resource Relationship to Child.
  19. Select Create Case & Continue to 100A/100B.  [Note: You may also Create Case & Exit.)  This will close the Wizard, so you will have to complete the case by selecting the case from the Case List.  Select the case and change the case status to Active.][Select Save to create case and continue in Wizard.]
  20. NEICE will display the 100A data input form.
  21. Enter the data from the 100A and prepare to upload the 100A to the case.
  22. In section I, enter Planning Individual or Organization 
  23. Enter Agency or Person Financially Responsible for the child (if it is the same for Financially, select Same as Above, and NEICE will Copy the data into this section.
  24. Scroll down and review Section III.  If Supervising agency is known, enter here.
  25. In Section III, enter the type of Initial Report requested.
  26. Enter the Supervisor services requested
  27. Enter Supervisory Reports requested and frequency of reporting.
  28. There is nothing to add at this time in Section IV.
  29. Select Save 100A or Save 100A & Upload (Since this is a Receiving State case, select Save 100A & Upload to attach the document you received from the Sending State).
    1. Save 100A will attach a digital copy of the fully digital 100A
    2. Save 100A & Upload will take you directly to the Upload Document where you will select Child, Document Type 100A Initial and browse for the document you signed and scanned after receiving the paper copy.
  30. NEICE will display the message “100A Successfully Saved”
  31. Do not select Create Transmittal since the Sending state is not live in NEICE.
  32. Click on Case Documents in the Progress Bar to return to the Case Documents screen.  Select Add Documents where you can:
    1. Add Documents to the case
    2. Add another child to the case
  33. No need for a transmittal at this time unless you are requesting Additional Information
  34. Select Exit to exit the Wizard and go to the Case List
  35. To send a Message to the Local Agency go to the Case List to select the case to change the case status from Receiving to Active. Once active, you can send the Message to the local agency.
    2. Access the case by searching for child and associated case list.
    3. Select the case with one click
    4. Change the Case State to Active
    5. Select Save
    6. Create Message to the local agency