Summary: This Report is used by states to get a count or list of cases by Type of Care.


Who can run this Report? 
 ICPC Coordinator and State Admin


Practice Application: May help with case management and provides a report on cases by type of care (List or Counts). 


User Input: User is required to select 

  • Date Range – Date From and Date To
  • Reg Type – User shall select the Regulation Type as Reg 1, Reg 12, Reg 2, Reg 4, Reg 7, or All
  • Type of Care - User shall select the Type of Care based on the options within the Reg Type selected.
  • Case Status – User shall Select the Case Status as “Active”, “Closed”, “Pending”, “Receiving” or “All” 
  • Report Output Format
    1. Counts Only – The report provides only the counts.
    2. List - The report provides the complete list.


Graphical user interface, application

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Report Functions:

  • User is navigated to the case when clicked on the NEICE ID.
  • The report can be exported to a PDF file or an Excel file. 
  • The report can be printed.


Report Calculations:

  • Report provides all the cases with the specified Regulation Type and Type of Care created within the specified Date Range based on the specified Case Status.


 Output Structure of the Report


  • The report displays all the cases created within the specified Date Range, with the Regulation Type and Type of Care specified in the input, based on the specified Case Status, along with associated NEICE ID, Interstate Case ID, M/CMS Child ID, Interstate Child ID, Child Name, Child DOB, Case Type, Regulation Type, Type of Care, Case Status, Other State




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