NEICE Release Notes: 02/06/2023

NEICE Clearinghouse – Version 1.0.5

NEICE Clearinghouse 2.0

•    NC20-364: Validation to check the ChildCurrentLegalPlacementStatusCode in NeiceDocument100A.


•    NC20-366: When the HS Decision on the existing case is Denied, the system will allow the states to send a Home Study Request. 

•    NC20-368: State ID and NCH ID for Child, PR and Case will be validated on all transmittal types.

•    NC20-376: Validation for the Placement Resource state in the case should be the same as the Receiving state of the case.

•    NC20-378: Validation that the Provisional Decision and Preliminary Home Evaluation can only be sent from the Receiving state of the case. 

•    NC20-380: Validation to send the Concurrence Indicator in a Concurrence Response transmittal. 


NEICE Clearinghouse 1.0

•    NC20-365: NEICE Clearinghouse 1.0 states should be able to send transmittals to Secure Document Portal.