Release 6/5/2023

NEICE 2.0 - Version: 2.1.0

Below is the list of Product Improvements that were reported to Tetrus that have been addressed in this Release version. These updates pertain only to the CMS and MCMS systems.

Case Management

  • NEIC2-2829 – The system should display the associated cases for the child from the case banner when clicked on the Child Name. 
  • NEIC2-3131 – The system now allows the Caseworkers to clone/convert the case if created by the local agency. 
  • NEIC2-2893 – The System should now display the Home Study decision date in the children in Case tab.

  • NEIC2-2824 – The System should now display the following in the case banner: 
    • Case type (Sending Case/Receiving Case) 
    • Sending Case: Receiving state and Receiving agency on the case banner for sending cases 
    • Receiving Case: Sending state and Sending agency on the case banner for receiving cases.

  • NEIC2- 2896 – The system should prompt the user to provide any mandatory information that is missing when a case is made "Active."


  • NEICE2-3129 – The system should now turn off the urgent red color for the Reg 7 case, once the Home study decision has been made.

  • NEIC2-3130 – The system should send the email notification as high Importance, if the transmittal is sent as an urgent request. 
  • NEIC2-2895 – The system should display the icon in red for the urgent notifications and the details in bold underlined.

  • NEICE2-3001 – The system should allow the Notification dropdown to select ‘All’ which will display the notifications received to all the ICPC Coordinators at ICPC level and the Case workers at local agency level.

  • NEIC2-3154 – The system should send the notifications to all the users within the agency if the existing case owner is deleted.


  • NEIC2-2894 – The system should display both the transmittals and the messages on the same tab.

  • NEIC2-3023 – The system provides a visual identification for the delivery status of each transmittal on communication/transmittals.

User Management 

  • NEICE2-2879 – The System should unassign all cases which have been assigned to a user once they are deleted.

Manage Child 

  • NEIC2-2826 – User should be able to add the Agency/Person responsible for planning the child and the financially responsible on the child information page. While creating a case and generating the 100a, this information gets auto populated.

  • NEIC2-3124– The system should allow the users to select the duplicate children and merge.

Manage Placement Resource

  • NEIC2-3128 
    • The system allows the users to search for the Placement resource by first and the last name separately.
    • The system should now display 2 first and last names on the 100A generated one being primary and the other as caregiver.

Dashboard  Case List 

  • NEIC2-3024 – The Dashboard – Case List should now display the last name of the child and the State ICPC Coordinator assigned to the case.


User Profile 

  • NEIC2-3235 – The system should now allow the users to select the color theme for the application, where teal is default; blue is another option.

Manage Forwards 

  • NEIC2-2955 – The system should now allow users to select one or more notification/cases to forward it to the other user in the same agency.


  • NEIC2-3127- The system should now be able to generate a report to notify the users that a case has not changed from Receiving from Active.


  • NEIC2-3170 – The system should now allow the user to close the ‘Need Help’ button.

Issues Addressed

  • NEIC2-3257 – The system should only display the placement resource record with the interstate PR id involving the state that is currently logged in by the user.
  • NEIC2-3248 – The system should only send the new user registration email to the new user created.
  • NEIC2-3320 – The system should be able to select ONLY the updated 100A’s when sending a Homestudy update transmittal to an NCH 1.0 state.
  • NEIC2-3188 – User should be able to configure MFA only if it is enabled by State Admin.
  • NEIC2-3147- The transmittal pdf should now display the updated regulation type once the regulation is updated in a case.
  • NEIC2-3141- User should be able to update the Receiving State once a case is created but there should not be any transmittal sent on the case.
  • NEIC2-3139- For multiple children in the case, User should be able to send the Provisional decision for single child with/without attachment.
  • NEIC2-3132- System should display the case closure alert for the 100 B closure received/sent by the MCMS states.
  • NEIC2-2292- System should now display the Legal custody given to the other text on the 100 B closure generated.
  • NEIC2-3165 – System should now display the search results when searched by All in Assigned Worker.
  • NEIC2-3431 – System should now export Created Date and HSDecision is separate columns when the user’s exports to csv from My Cases.
  • NEIC2-3321 – System should not allow the users to create duplicate children if the SSN matches with an existing person (Child/PR).

Technical behind-the-scenes fixes to NEICE Clearinghouse (improves NCH Direct, CMS and MCMS)

XML Generation

  • NEIC2-3317- The Placement Resource State identification state code will be the sending state code.
  • NEIC2-3183 – XML should not default to OTHER when supervisory request is not selected for Regulation 4.
  • NEIC2-3157- The relationship should be populated as Household, If the relationship is not selected for the other individuals living with the Placement resource.
  • NEIC2-3153- The Reg 7 cases should have the PlacementByPriorityIndicator populated.
  • NEIC2-3151- The XML should populate the middle name and SSN of the prospective placement resource if sent.
  • NEIC2-3149- Progress Report request should be failed if the childid entered is incorrect.
  • NEIC2-3146- The PersonNameCategoryCode entered as "Alternative" should now populate the Child Alias names.
  • NEIC2-3175 – The XML should populate the Legal custody given to Relative and name and relationship are entered in the 100B, the information.