NEICE 2.0 Version 2.1.1

Release Date: 7/3/2023

Below is the list of Issues that were reported to Tetrus that have been addressed in this Release version. These updates pertain only to the CMS and MCMS systems.

Case Wizard

• NEIC2-3437 – The system should display the sending agency when the county for the receiving child is not selected.

• NEIC2-3469 – The system should display the financial and responsible planning information on the PDF generated for Private cases.

• NEIC2-3475 – (This is only for states who sends the data from the state system) The system should display the child information in the Child page when navigating from search child in the sending state wizard.

Case Management 

• NEIC2-3476 – The system should allow users to upload the 100A Initial document from the Documents page. 

• NEIC2-3478 – The system should default the Financial Responsible and Planning Responsible parties state code to the child jurisdiction state for a receiving child created by the participating states. 

• NEIC2-3479 – The system should allow to update the Child Legal Status or Relationship of PR on cases after the HS Decision is taken. 

• NEIC2-3482 – The system should display the financial planning and responsible planning information for a child in the home study request page on existing cases. 

• NEIC2-3533 – The users should be able to add violations on a case.

Manage Child 

• NEIC2-3480 – The system should allow the users to create a case for a receiving child from the Associated case list tab. Notifications 

• NEICE2-3498 – The system should allow users to mark multiple notifications at once.

• NEIC2-3499 – The system should allow users to mark any notification as read from the Notification screen.


• NEIC2-3486 – The system should allow exporting the reports to excel.