Job Aid: If a case is sent to the wrong state, the Sending State can resolve the issue.  

Purpose: The purpose of this job aid is to provide guidance on steps needed to correct a case that has been sent to the wrong state.

1. Go to the Children in Case tab, select the Home Study Decision tab, and select Withdrawn. 

2. NEICE will direct the user to create a 100B Closure.

3. Create a 100B Closure with Closure Reason Withdrawn.

4. Enter:

a. Placement Termina?on Reason (will be prefilled)

b. Date of Termina?on, and

c. Select Save 100B & Generate PDF

5. Go to the Communications tab and select Placement Decision transmittal.

a. Select the transmittal purpose Sending 100B Closure,

b. Enter Comments

c. Select documents to be enclosed (100B Closure)

d. Select Send (Preview is also an op?on)

6. Send the Placement Decision transmital to the wrong state and

7. Close the case.

8. Create a New case to the correct state