Summary: This job aid will guide the ICPC Coordinator in the receiving state to send a Provisional Decision in an Additional Transmittal to the sending state.


Description When the Receiving state sends the Provisional Decision, an Additional Information transmittal is sent with the Purpose of Transmittal selected as "Provisional Decision".



Follow the below steps to send a Provisional Decision to the other state.

  1. From the Children in case tab, on the "Home Study Decision” screen, select "Provisional Decision" as "Provisional Approval" or "Provisional Denial” and click on “Save” button. 

A message is displayed “Home Study Decision successfully saved.”

2. Close the window and from the Communications tab, click on Send Transmittal and select Transmittal Type as “Additional Information” from the drop down.

3. On the New transmittal memo, choose the "Purpose of Transmittal" as "Provisional Decision".

4. Add Comments.

5. Select/ Fill in the required information in the Transmittal Memo, attach documents as needed and click on “Send Transmittal”.

  1. If the Provisional Decision is selected under the “Home Study Decision” tab, the transmittal is sent successfully.
  2. If the Provisional Decision is not selected under the “Home Study Decision” tab, a message is displayed “Please Make Provisional Approval/ Denial as Home Study Decision"


6. The “Provisional Decision Date” under 100A/100B, Court & Other Dates is auto populated once Provisional Decision is selected under the Home Study Decision tab.




  1. Communication within a state between the ICPC Caseworker and ICPC Coordinator are called MESSAGES in NEICE. Communication between the sending and receiving state ICPC Coordinators are called TRANSMITTALS in NEICE.