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How to learn to use the CMS for testing?

NCH states have expressed a need to learn how to use the Case Management System (CMS) for testing. 


There are a few options states may use to learn about how to use the NEICE CMS. 

1. NEICE webinar trainings offered for ICPC Coordinator and Caseworker roles are recorded and available to view on the NEICE Support Desk Knowledge Base. Below are links to the sections in the Knowledge Base to access these recordings:

2. Review the NEICE Practice Guide available on the NEICE Support Desk. Click this link to go to access the NEICE Practice Guide

3. Attend a NEICE training webinar offered for the NEICE ICPC Coordinator and Caseworker roles monthly. Click here to see the upcoming schedules for each role:

4. Email the NEICE team to request training. Please include the following team members in your request:
Tom Livoti -
Lynnea Kaufman - 
Marcus Robinson -

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