Purpose: This Job Aid will guide you how to access Alerts provided by NEICE.  Alerts remind the user that a specific timeline is either approaching or has been exceeded.  The Alerts are for:

  • Safe & Timely Act due in ten days – Reminder Alert

  • Safe & Timely Act Exceeded – Overdue Alert

  • 100A 180-day due date will expire in 20 days  – 100A Expiration.

There are two ways to access Alerts:

  • Select the Alerts icon (small bell) in the top bar of the Dashboard.

  • Select the Alerts from the Dashboard window Recent Alerts & Notifications

Alerts will remain available until the condition they are alerting the user about has been satisfied.

To view the full list of Alerts:

  1. Click on the Alerts icon and select “More” to view the full list of Alerts.

  2. NEICE will display the list of Alerts with the following columns:

    1. Alert

    2. Alert Type

    3. Regulation Type

    4. Date

    5. M/CMS Case ID

    6. Interstate Case ID

    7. Alert Description

    8. Select Show filters to sort and filter data in the columns.

  3. Go to the Action box where you can delete Alerts.