Purpose: This job aid will show you how to use "My Cases" to manage your caseload.

"My Cases" is a section in the NEICE menu bar which describes the information available for cases being managed by a user within an agency.  This list includes cases with Home Study Status from Pending to Placed. 

Clicking on the caseid will allow the user to access and work on the case.

Additional capabilities are:

  • Ability to show/hide filters

  • Ability to filter cases by incoming and outgoing

  • Ability to select cases for export to CSV files (comma separated values)

  • List only cases related to the logged-in user

  • Includes cases when children have been placed

  • Displays the status of the case . (Active/Receiving ) 

The user should be able to access this list upon selecting My Cases on the Menu.

The information provided is:

  • Case Status

  • M/CMS Case ID/Created On

  • Interstate Case ID

  • Reg. Type

  • Placement Type

  • Send State

  • Send Agency

  • Receive State

  • Receive Agency

  • Child/HS Decision