Purpose: This job aid will guide you to effectively use the Notifications function in NEICE 2.0.  Notifications are accessed using the Notifications icon in the menu.  The most recent five Notifications are displayed on the user Dashboard. 


The first communication in a case is a Home Study Request which will trigger a Notification. The ICPC Coordinator will receive interstate Notifications of Transmittals and Messages sent by local/County offices to the ICPC Central Office.  Case Workers will receive notification when cases are sent to them.

When Notifications arrive, the recipients receive an email telling them to log into NEICE and view the Notification. Notifications can be accessed from the Dashboard upon Login and by selecting Notifications from the Menu. Notifications are displayed on your Dashboard under the heading “Recent Notifications & Alerts”.  Additional Notifications are displayed on the Notifications icon on the menu bar. 

Icons identify the type of communication in a Notification

  1. The envelope icon represents a “Transmittal” from another state.

  2. The envelope icon with a paper clip represents a “Transmittal with an Attachment” from another state.

  3. The speech bubble represents a “Message” from within your state.

System Function Steps

Dashboard Access and Actions

  1. Log into NEICE.

  2. If there are any Notifications they will be displayed. 

  3. Note the envelope icon and identify the type of communications in the Notification

  4. Click on the icon and NEICE will display the Communications tab of the related Case

  5. If the selected Notification is for a Transmittal from another state, follow steps 5 and 6. If the selected Notification is an internal message go to 7.

  6. Click on a Notification hyperlink and NEICE will display the Transmittal and open the case in the background.

  7. Read the content and decide on next steps.

  8. Click on "Mark as Read" in the top lefthand part of the screen to mark the notification as read.

  9. Marking notices as read can also be accomplished from the Notifications Screen by checking the box to the left of the case id then open the Actions box and click ‘mark as read’.

Menu Access

  1. Select Notifications from the Menu

  2. NEICE will display the Notifications Grid

  3. Click on the Notification ID to view the contents

  4. If you are ready to respond, select Mark as Read and the Notification will be removed from the list.

  5. Select the X to close and retain the Notification

Notifications Grid Access and Actions

  1. Log into NEICE.

  2. Select the Notifications Tab.

  3. The tab contains all Notifications not Marked as Read.

  4. Select Show Filters

    1. Allows you to sort and filter data by columns

    2. Allow you to search by content

  5. Select Filter by date

    1. Enter Start Date

    2. Enter End Date 

  6. Select the Actions box, and one of the options:

    1. Export to CSV

    2. Print

    3. Mark as Read

    4. Place your cursor over the specific Notification row.