The purpose of this job aid is to support the deletion of a child from NEICE.  Only an ICPC Coordinator with Delete Authority in the state of the child’s Jurisdiction can delete that child. You can tell what your authority is by looking at your profile.

The child must be removed from all cases, prior to being deleted.  The message displayed is, “A child associated with a case cannot be deleted.”  A child can not be deleted if a case containing that child has been sent to the receiving state.

Steps for Child deletion:

  1. Select the Child icon from the menu.

  2. Search for a child.

  3. If the child appears in the search results select the checkbox next to the name.

  4. Select Delete in the Actions box downward arrow dropdown.

  5. NEICE will display the “Are you sure to delete?”.  Select Yes to Proceed or No to cancel

  6. Child will be deleted and NEICE will display the confirmation message.

  7. If the child has a case associated, NEICE will provide a message confirming Child has associated cases and cannot be deleted.

  8. To remove a child from a case (other than the Primary Child),

    1. Go to the children in case on the case

    2. Click on Remove child

    3. NEICE will display the Are you sure… message.

    4. Select Yes to Proceed or No to cancel.

    5. Child cannot be deleted if a HomeStudy Request has already  been sent to the other state.