(Home Study Request has not been transmitted to RS)


The purpose of this job aid is to provide guidance to Delete a case


An ICPC coordinator with Delete authority should be able to delete a case that belongs to the logged in user state or a non-participating state case created by the logged in user state.


  • Who – ICPC Coordinator with delete authority.
  • Condition: Cases for which Home Study Request has not been sent alone can be deleted. Once a Home Study request transmittal is sent to the other state, the case can no longer be deleted.



  1. Go to the Manage Child (child icon on the menu). 
  2. Search for the child.
  3. Open the child by clicking on the child ID from the search results grid.
  4. Click on the Associated Case list tab.
  5. All cases associated to the child are displayed.
  6. Select the case to be deleted by clicking on the checkbox next to the case record and click on “Delete Case” button
  7. If the Home Study Request Transmittal was not sent for this case, it will be deleted.
  8. If there is a Home Study Request sent to the other state a message will be displayed saying this case cannot be deleted.