Purpose: This job aid will show you how to clone a new case from an existing case by updating three Parameters: Reg. Type; Type of Care; and Received Date, or to copy a closed case with the same child, placement resource, and placement type.  In NEICE 1.0, this process was “Convert a Case”.


Clone a Case is a Case Management Process.


A Sending State ICPC Coordinator will be able to clone cases for both the active and closed cases. NEICE will create a new case and give the user the option to copy documents from the Closed case to the new case. All Documents other than the 100A and 100B that are in “Attached” status can be copied to the cloned case.


For example, a Regulation-2 Relative Foster Care.  If the Relative subsequently wants to qualify for Adoption, a new case can be quickly created with a minimum of data entry using Clone Case.  When the case is cloned, the same sending agency will be pre-populated in the new case.  The case workers from that agency will have access to the new case.  


Steps to Clone a case:

  1. Search for the case to be cloned.
  2. Click on “Clone Case” button on the case details page.
  3. Enter/ Select the following information in the pop-up window for the new case.
    1. Home Study Type
    2. Placement Type
    3. Received Date
    4. Case Type (which is optional)
  4. If any documents other than 100A and 100B are in attached status in the current case, those documents are displayed in the grid on the same window. Select the documents that need to be copied to the new case and click on the “Clone Case” button.  
  5. NEICE will convert the case and display a message, “Case cloned successfully with CaseID XXXX '' and the user is navigated to the Case Details page of the new case that was cloned.
  6. Create new form 100A’s for each child(ren) in the case.
  7. To update the local agency, send a Message.
  8. Create a Transmittal to send the new case to the Receiving State.