Purpose: The following guide will help you log into the NEICE LIVE Production system, set up your signature and start using the system. 

I. Getting started Reminders

  1. Logging into Test vs. Live environments - Note, you will first practice in the User Acceptance Testing environment (TEST) before you are given access to the live environment. The login procedure is the same for both systems. The TEST environment is labeled test at the top of your screen.
  2. Use one of the following browsers to access NEICE:
    • Google Chrome *** Highly recommend this browser *** 
    • Firefox
    • Safari
  3. Use the Login ID and temporary password provided by your state's administrator of the NEICE system. Your ICPC office should know who can provide you access. They will first give you access to Test (UAT) and then, when you are ready, to the live environment.
  • If you attempt to login to either TEST or the LIVE system and it says "Inactive user", try to reset your password and if that doesn't work, check with your state NEICE administrator to see if s/he has created an account for you yet.
  • Typically your login ID is your work email address.


II.  Log In and Navigate to User Profile.

  1. Enter Log In ID
  2. Enter Password
  3. Select Security Checkbox
  4. Select the Log In button
  5. NEICE will prompt you to enter a security code
  6. Check your email inbox for the NEICE security code. This has been emailed to your login email. Check your spam, if you don't see the email in your inbox.
  7. Return to the NEICE application in your open browser and enter the code from NEICE email into the field. 
  8. If this is your first time logging into NEICE, you will need to review the Acceptable Use policy. This needs to be done once a year, and NEICE will prompt you upon login if it is time. 
  9. After you acknowledge the policy, you will be sent to the NEICE homepage.  NEICE will display your Dashboard and Menu for processing ICPC cases. 
  10. ***Important***Set up your signature in your profile before working on any cases. See below for how to add signature to profile. 
  11. After the signature has been added, you can begin creating cases right away.  
  12. If you need to work on a case that has been sent to you, your state ICPC Coordinator may need to assign you to that case. Follow up with your state's NEICE ICPC contact for more information if you do not see the case you think should be in your case list. 


III. First Step after Logging into NEICE for first time--> Adding Your Signature to Profile

After you log in, NEICE will display the full menu on the left and and your Dashboard in the workspace on the right. 

(Administrators will see only the full menu on the left, they do not have a dashboard.)

  1. Click on your name at the right top corner of screen 
  2. Select Profile
  3. Enter your signature using your mouse (Click here for further instructions)
  4. Select Save 

IV. Password 

As a security precaution, all users are required to reset passwords after 90 days. This will occur, regardless of whether you have accessed NEICE in the previous 90-day period.  You can change your password at any time by going to your name in the top right hand corner and click on Change Password.


V. Why do I Need a Security Code on top of the Password?

The security code is part of our multi-step user authentication to ensure we have the best security in place to protect our children and families.  The NEICE system uses the security code to track and validate that only authorized users access the system. You may notice that when you login from home and then log in from work, you will be prompted for a new security code multiple times within 90 days.  This is part of the NEICE Security procedures and helps all of us keep NEICE secure.