To log into NEICE, you need a valid Log In ID, Password, and Security Sign In. All Login names used in NEICE should be actual, official emails assigned by your agency. NEICE 2.0 allows for multiple roles for a single email address.


You will have to reset your Password after 30 days, regardless of whether you have accessed NEICE in the previous thirty-day period.   

If the user logs in from a different location, a security code will be sent to the user email and a security window will be displayed. 

If your state utilizes a Single Sign On to give you access to both your SACWIS and NEICE, you will have to select “Sign in as SSO User” which can be accessed in your user profile. 

Log In and Navigate to User Profile.

  1. Enter Log In ID

  2. Enter Password

  3. Select Security Checkbox

  4. Select SSO (if used)

  5. Select the Log In button

NEICE will display the full menu on the left and and the user’s Dashboard in the workspace on the right

  1. On the left side select the menu button (which looks like three lines or pancakes stacked on top of each other) to display only the icons or to display icons plus the text descriptions. 

  2. Click on your name at the right side top corner 

  3. Select Profile

  4. Enter your signature using your mouse

  5. Select Save