Purpose: Logging into NEICE 2.0 should be simple and fast. The follow tips should improve your Log In success rate.


  • Use one of the following browsers to access NEICE 2.0
    • Google Chrome *** Highly recommend this browser *** 
    • Firefox
    • Safari
  • Use the same Log In ID as you did in 1.0
  • Use the same Password as you did in 1.0
  • Ensure that you check the security agreement
  • Select the Enter key or click on the LOG IN button.


You may receive a message requesting that you enter a numeric code.  If so, go to your email account that is used for your Log In ID.  NEICE will send an email to that address with a 5-digit numeric code.  Enter that code into the field and NEICE will display your Dashboard and Menu.


Check your spam folder if you don't get the security code!


Getting started: Login and Profile Update

Log In and Navigate to User Profile.

  1. Enter Log In ID
  2. Enter Password
  3. Select Security Checkbox
  4. Select the Log In button


NEICE will likely prompt you to enter a security code. This has been emailed to your login email. (Check your spam, if you don't see it.)


Once you enter the code you will be taken to the home page. NEICE will display the full menu on the left and and the user’s Dashboard in the workspace on the right. (Remember, Administrators will see only the full menu on the left, they do not have a dashboard.)

  1. Click on your name at the right side top corner 
  2. Select Profile
  3. Enter your signature using your mouse (Click here for further instructions)
  4. Select Save 

You are now ready to use NEICE 2.0!


You will have to reset your Password after 90 days, regardless of whether you have accessed NEICE in the previous 90-day period.   


What's with the Security Code?

The security code helps the NEICE system keep track and validate that only authorized users access the system. If the user logs in from a different location, a security code will be sent to the user email and a security window will be displayed.