The State Administrator is responsible for managing security for all users in the state through local vetting, User Creation and User Maintenance. This State Administrator has access to aggregate data only and does not see case data such as individual children and placement resource information, unless the administrator also has additional roles in NEICE such as the ICPC coordinator. The ICPC Coordinator does allow access to individual data in order to process case requests. 

Each state must have at least one State Administrator and at least one additional back-up State Administrator.  

The State Administrator can assign multiple roles to a single user under a single Log In ID.  The special role of Supervisor can be assigned to a Coordinator at the ICPC Central Office or to the Case Worker at the Local Agency.

Add a User

  1. Select User from the menu

  2. Search for the user to determine whether the User already exists to avoid creating a duplicate user, 

  3. Enter search criteria:

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. State

    4. Role

  4. View the search results:

    1. If there is a matching user in the database, user will be displayed.

    2. If there are no matches, the message “No records found” is displayed.

  5. To create a new user, select Add.

  6. Enter fields marked mandatory (i.e. with the asterisk *).

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. State

    4. Agency

    5. County

    6. Role (either Case Worker or ICPC Coordinator

    7. Select an additional role, such as State Administrator or Supervisor

    8. User ID/Email Address

    9. Contact Phone No. (Optional)

    10. Access to Private Cases - Check Yes or No (Optional)

    11. SSO - Check Yes or No (Optional)

  7. NEICE will display the full list of users in the state

Edit a User

  1. Search for User

  2. Select the checkbox next to the user listing

  3. Go to the Actions button and select Edit.

  4. Modify User data

  5. Select Save 

  6. NEICE will display “The record has been updated successfully.”

  7. NEICE will take the user back to the user list.

Delete a User 

  1. Search for the user

  2. Select user

  3. Go to the Action box and select Delete

  4. NEICE will display the message “The selected record will be deleted.”

  5. Select Yes to delete or No to prevent the deletion.

  6. NEICE will display the message “Record deleted successfully.”