1. Receive the notification email from NEICE, “A New Transmittal sent by FL” 
  2. This email should indicate the type of Transmittal and two options to access the Transmittal.

  3. Option 1: Click on the hyperlink to go directly to the SDP and the Transmittal

  4. Option 2: Go to the SDP and enter the: Reference Number and OTP.

  5. The SDP will open to the Documents Retrieval window with the: reference number; your email address; and the OTP filled in.

  6. Put a check in the Disclaimer box

  7. Check the Captcha box which ensures you are not a robot and can enter the system.

  8. Select Download Documents

  9. Review the contents of the Transmittal

  10. Select Save and Print Transmittal

  11. Select Download Documents

  12. Locate where the individual file or zip file is located

  13. Open individual file or unzip file to review documents