M/CMS state wishes to send documents to a state that is not yet live in NEICE through the Secure Document Portal.

  1. M/CMS state user creates a case using the NEICE CMS application 

  2. The ICPC Coordinator creates the Transmittal in NEICE and determines which documents (if any) to attach.

  3. IMPORTANT: The ICPC Coordinator includes in the notes section short information about the child and placement resource (as this information is not stored or transmitted via the SDP itself). Adding this note will help the Receiving state NOT yet in NEICE figure out which case to attach the materials to.
  4. The ICPC Coordinator selects Send.

  5. NEICE will process the case through the NEICE Clearinghouse.

  6. NEICE will assign the following NCH ID numbers:

  7. NCH Interstate Case ID

  8. NCH Child ID

  9. NCH Placement Resource ID

  1. NEICE will send an email notifying the recipient for the not yet live state to download the documents

Note: If your state is live in NEICE and you are sending the Transmittal to a not yet live state that is not using SDP, NEICE will send the Transmittal to the state in the manner in which you normally send cases and documents. It's important to add some additional information in the notes section to assist the receiving case in processing the information in a timely manner.